Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Starvation

Starvation- This word governs life of each and every individual around this world. As a child we starve for protection, love and care. As we grow old we starve for getting a position in school, among friends and being the favorite everywhere. Then we starve for getting a position, getting money and fame. Finally we starve for getting a good life partner, his/her love and so on the desires and hopes continue for ever n ever, till the life exists. Starvation is like its desire to get the stars which can never happen.
As said' Necessity is the mother of invention' similarly starvation is like the driving force to do better and better in every field. Mainly this for creating your own space in the world. The one who's stronger in the one who governs and rules.
Longing for each and everything in various phases of life we forget to live the present , we are only running to make our future better, which I suppose will never come. We are made to live in present.
In this present phase of recession people are starving for jobs. But behind this scene are the poor and the needy who don't even know what recession is. they are still struggle and starvation is life long, for their daily bread and butter.