Friday, February 18, 2011

Sick n alone

I missed you mom. Yesterday night I was all alone in the house and in the city, and my head and body was paining so badly, I think I had fever around 103 Fahrenheit. I missed you much and was thinking about the times when you used to wake up whole night checking my fever by touching my forehead with your palms, used to be awake just to check that if I am sleeping properly. Mom there was no one yesterday and I could not sleep. I had to wake up on my own and take a pain killer. I knew the only thing that could comfort me was your voice and you picked up my phone at 4 in the morning like you knew I would call. Its difficult being alone but knowing that you will be there always makes it a lil easy.
I love you mom.

'' mein kabhi batlata nai....
par andhere se darta hum mein maa
yun to mein dikhlata nai....
teri parwah karta hum mein maa
tujhe sab hai pta hai na maa
tujhe sab hai pta meri maa''