Friday, December 28, 2012

Old things but with a new perspective - 2

Feeling super bored at home, I decide to take a little walk and noticed a lady with a child in her arms. As I got closer to them, I heard the lady teaching Humpty Dumpty. All the childhood memories came rushing back to me just then. It was refreshing moment that lifted my mood. Childhood was so easy. Unlike adulthood, being happy used to be an effortless thing then. I realized that this should not be that difficult  again so why not give it a try. And here I am, trying to be happy and lovable. 

Old things but with a new perspective - 1

Returning back from office after a long and tiring day, sitting in office cab, watching moon in one of the cold Delhi winter night, I realized that just like this beautiful moon, nothing is stationary in this world. Nothing at all is going to stay forever. So why worry about what has passed away, why worry about people who left. I forgive you sweetie. I forgive you but before leaving can you please just let me know whether you are leaving  me for my sun or my night.