Sunday, September 30, 2012

तेरे जाते ही

तेरे जाते ही जैसे छीन गयी इस चेहरे की सारी ख़ुशी
याद करके उन बीते पालो को
रो लेती हूँ कभी या जी लेती हूँ कभी
सोचती हूँ की क्या करूँ ऐसा
की मिल जाये तू वापिस पहले जैसा
फिर लगता है मुमकिन नहीं शायद अब ये
हो चुका है जो होना था
जा चुका है तू वहां जहाँ ना जाना मुझे आना था
राहें अलग हुई तो क्या
दिल तो सदा एक हैं
तब भी थे और अभी भी हैं
                   - अंकिता

Monday, September 24, 2012

That one person

A life should have

Few people to enjoy the special moments
But one person to make that moment unforgettable

Few people to influence the life's journey
But one person to turn it around

Few people to be taken care of
But one person to be possessive about

Few people to be taken for granted
But one special who is always there for sure

Few people to share your sorrows
But one person to understand them

Few people to fight with
But one person to understand that anger

Few people who depends on us
But one person who can't survive without us

Few people to live life
But one person to die for

Hope to find that 'one person' soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life moves on

'Life moves on' I have heard these lines a 1000 times earlier in my life but now I truly understand what it means. I used to think that there are few people in my life without whom I would die. I was so scared that I even cried once or twice just thinking about that. But God I think has a problem with me, he makes me do everything from which I am scared of. And yes then came a day finally when one of my most favorite person decides to leave me. God I will never forgive you for this but yes I am surviving. It totally shattered my faith in people around me, I am scared to love again, I am scared to trust people again but yes I am surviving. I read the lines somewhere - Sometimes the person who can comfort you the most is the same person who made you suffer. So true. I cried my heart out for about 2 months but who was affected; nobody but me (again). 
            Suddenly one day, I got 3 phone calls from 3 different friends, to whom I have not talked to in months, they were worried that am I alright. I didn't tell them anything (I am the kind of person who takes a longgggggggg time to open upto anyone) but those phone calls gave me back the hope to live again, hope to meet someone good once again in life. I finally decided to forgive that person and myself for everything that ever happened and for everything that led us apart.But I am still angry with you God and I am not going to forgive you that easily. 
           Life truly moves on. It doesn't give you the options, just plays its part and leaves upto you that how fast you can accept the good and bad that has happened. I don't like it though but what option do I have. 
          I have somewhat accepted this as my destiny in last 2 months. I try my best to keep myself busy. I engage myself in some lost aspects of my life and in few things which I loved doing. I hang out with my friends and truly speaking I am getting better and better everyday though, I still miss that person and even cry at times. These days I am trying to forget everything negative that happened in my life and retain all the positives, I even try to find happiness in small things everyday. For example when a friend complimented me for my dressing sense a few days back, or when I talked to an offshore team member on phone and she said she loved my pics and wants to come to India, or when a butterfly came and sat on my lap a few days back and how can I forget when my cab driver complimented me that I am a good person by heart. These thing might not reduce the trauma that I suffered but make me feel special somehow.