Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New life - I don't know good or bad. Ni hao Shanghai

After struggling with my frustrating life for about an year I finally got admit to one of the prestigious MBA institutes and here I am at my first stop at Shanghai. I had my own apprehensions when I made my decision to finally leave my country INDIA (which I love too much). I was scared and depressed about leaving friends and family behind but at the same time I was too excited to start this new life. After all to visit places outside India was my dream since I was 10 so it was kind of super big thing for me. As the day to leave country was coming closer my fears were getting stronger and stronger but since the fee was already payed so there was no turning back now. 

My parents came to leave me at the airport. I sat in the plane and 6 hours later I could see Shanghai from above the clouds, It was around 8 pm in China. The city looked huge and sparkled like it does in India on Diwali. I got an adrenalin rush. A Chinese family came to pick us up. 

So this is how it feels in a foreign land where you do not any one. Super scary and exciting at the same time! Next day I woke up early because I have to go to the college for registration and other formalities. Got dressed and left the dormitory. The road were filled with Chinese people talking to each other in Mandarin, of which I could not even catch a word. The streets had name plates in Chinese. God! this is weird. Somehow one of my colleague and I reached the building. We tried to stop some people in the way to ask about the way but no one knew English. Chinese have really preserved and protected their culture from the outside environment. Its amazing that they use Chinese everywhere at work, home, public places and at schools. 

The first day in China and I have already started learning mandarin because its a must thing because need it even if you have to buy water. So 'Zaijian' now. I will keep updating my blog and my survival story in Shanghai.