Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aaj ke Ravan

Imagine if Ravan would have lived in 21st century. Lets redraw the history. Ravan with his gang would have entered Ramji's house faking the security system and may be he would come as a salesman rather than a priest asking for food. Sitaji would have gone inside for some water and in the mean time he would have given her the chloroform and kidnapped her. Taking her to his den. Now what? As the story goes he just took her. didn't even asked for extortion money, neither abused her and to the astonishment didn't even tried to touch her forcefully.
But our 21st century Ravan would not be a such gentleman.
All what the above story depicts is there are uncountable number of Ravan's existing in this society now. No road is safe for a girl. What's the reason, the reason being the judiciary system. Ravan was killed just for kidnapping Sitaji. But now hardly a punishment of 2-3 years. Is that enough? After destroying an innocent girl's life should that person be so easily allowed to go away. Infact if  the criminal is a high society spoiled kid he spares himself from even this minor punishment.
Our government actually need to improve the judiciary system. They need to atleast learn lessons from Indian mythology. Otherwise with such a rapid increase in girl abuse the day is not far when all the girls would have to roam around in burkhaas. Until and unless we can't keep the female gender of the society safe its completely useless to talk of gender equality.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Globally Across the world

What? U don't know the latest updates on Twitter. Sashi tharoor calling economy class the cattle class. Yes, not only the youths but our Indian politicians are also connected globally through the social networking sites. No wonder if Baba Ramdev, Aasaram ji and all the religious leaders also have a twitter account, after all its their right. Sometime later a new fundamental right would be added to our constitution- Right to get a twitter/orkut /facebook account.
When I first joined orkut some 4 years earlier, it was a matter of awe to have an account. One has to get a friend request from an already joined member then only he could create an account. That time intenet facilities were also not available like we have it now. But now even a newly born can get his orkut account as a gift on his first birthday. These google people globalized the world in true sense. Just imagine the scenario change in these 4-5 years. Earlier- people used to starve to meet their long lost schoolmates, to know what their friends might be doing, the only mode was telephones and not everybody had that much money to stay connected 24X7 but now you can actually can know everybody around the globe. Not only friends, but friends friends and firends friends friends can find you , no matter where you gon and bury your face. You can display your albums online, flaunt yourself and get comments.
You might not be knowing who lives in your neighborhood but you are sure of who live in north pole. It has done opposite of what actually its name, made a person loner, sluggish and geek like. Sitting alone sticked to your computer and chatting. How good is that? You know what's happening but you are not a physical part of it. You can just sit and watch. It only gives a virtual picture of the society. Infact, increases depression cases, makes a person dull. I don't think that's a very good basis for the future society sirji.
I think it did harm but did more good to the society, after all everyone has the right to express himself, right to get acquainted. Not only people but you can also communicate with groups of your intrest, share knowledge, pass on data, get educated and lots of endless stuffs. May be its upto the user to take its advantage or let it take our advantage.
For me- Thanks to all these sites! Helped me a lot at everystage; gave me back my freinds, cost free communication and widely spreaded knowledge bank and I take it as a point to experience everything myself what my friends have displayed online so that I don't get dull and lathargic. Also I know who my neighbors are and where my friends live in northpole both.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Life Sucks

I am just beginning to hate my life. Nothing goes according to the plan, nothing seems like what i dreamt of. Its all very frightening. The only question that comes to my mind is why me?Why me of all the people in the world. I just want to say all the abusive words about my life. Its never been perfect. It always goes opposite of what I want it to be. In short its everything is f****** disgusting.
In all the traditional families like mine, where studies are given the supreme importance are bribed by saying ' just some years beta, study well and you'll be happy forever in your life' and you go and sit back to do your studies just like an obedient child. I always did my best, topped in class then got into IITs, topped there, got scholarships and did many projects; all in the hope of getting a bright future, which I see nowhere near me now. Its not like I am a pessimist type person. I always learn from what went wrong earlier. But why am I the only person who is made to learn at every step, why not my other peers who don't even have a straight mind to think what is good and what is bad. At this moment I am feeling pathetic about myself.
I think its better not to think ahead of time. Frankly speaking I will not. Accept what life throws at you and forget what it snatches away- from now on this will be my sole philosophy in life.
This thing called life truly sucks. It makes you suffer and suffer and suffer. The more you want the more it leaves you bare handed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Astrology- A growing business idea

Whole of my family gathers around the TV with mobile phone in their hand, watching the very famous astrology show on telivision. its almost a evryday chore, but phone hai ki lagta hi nahi.
This astrology business has rejuvenated after a long time of silence.
Almost all the news channels nowadays have daily 2-3 hours of future broadcast. Not only that but also Live shows where you are supposed to ask question on your existing pathetic conditions and they'll tell you on air how to improve it. Sometimes it looks so stupid. But atleast they are better than Saas Bahu shows.
Some of the shows, they may not improve your condition but truly promote a society welfare. Now you may be thinking how. They suggest you solutions like giving cow, ants and birds the food, treating your relatives well, helping the poor etc. In a way they are helping the society.
But predicting the future... I don't know wether there's actually a way they know our futures, past and present.
Not only in India but almost every country have their future predicting devices. You can know your future from almost evrything, you just have to know the idea I suppose. For eg. there's coffee future prediction, handwriting, numerology, date and birth time, your face,your hand and a lot more.
Accept it or not we all believe it to some extent. I do believe it myself especially when its good and want it to come true. I think that's the way the world works. Follow your heart wether it sounds real or not. Vishwas karne se to pathar mein bhi jaan aa jaati hai, to ismein kya burai hai.

Rakhi Sawant

The most hot and happening girl of bollywood, infact she is the most flashed celebrity on news channel Aaj Tak. The cast her on air whenever they have a free slot. She is the world's best newsmaker. I can recall in the 1 year she's been on the news for her-
1. Breast implant
2. The world famous Rakhi ka Swayamwar (I think she regards herself to be princess)
3. Mica's controversial Kiss
4. For the dance reality show.
5. Now for the reality show 'Pati patni aur wo' (Swatmwar to kar liya, lo ab bacha sambhalo)
My god what a happ she is!!!
She is a real time drama queen but apart from all these there are qute a lot of things to be learnt from her. This girl inspires always to work hard, be yourself. Let the world talk behind your back because it can never be with you (no matter wether you are following the right path or the wrong one). People talk behind your back only when you are ahead of them. She is the creator of her own destiny. Never regrets her past deeds. I actualy salute her courage and confidence.
I thinks this is the key for the real happiness and survival in this brutual world.
Today, that is why I chose to write about this beautiful, sexy and bold girl. Its really heart breaking to see all of your friends and well wishers leaving you on your way to success due to jealousy and new ones joining you just to take advantage of you.
You are born alone and have to die alone so as this brave girl suggest. Just be yourself aur apne mann ki karo.