Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moving to a new place

We come to a new place with certain fears and new expectations about our lives. We start living there, meet new people, gradually make new friends, starting loving them without thinking that there might come a day when you have to go away from them. I hate the last part of all this. Why can't we choose people we want to live with and eliminate the unwanted one's.

But I guess this is life otherwise how would we add new people in our book of friends and feel more and more wonderful experiences with these people.
Infact I admit our relation get better after we are separated because we only realize the value of somethings when they are taken away from us.

I miss you my friends.

Monday, September 27, 2010


When I was a kid I used to imagine all scientists like Einstein or Newton; shabby hair all white, popping out eyes, geek, insane and depressingly rude. Sort of out of the world  people totally freaking type. I never ever wanted to be one. I used to be a dynamic student in my college involved in all kinds of curricular and extra curricular activities. I always imagined myself as being a Manager of a company and finally landing up as the CEO after some 10-15 years. I maintained my notion of scientist till college time even. After completing B.Tech from IIT I landed up as a scientist. I was totally freaked out before joining and yes I still maintain my notion of scientist though not totally but 50 % of it is still there. But now I think some qualities that make a scientist weird are actually necessary for the profession. Like for example one has to be in total love with solitude if he wants to work with total dedication though hair being gray is not necessary. I have met many wonderful charming scientists in my present job who have devoted whole of their life so that world can get something new and amazing. One very important thing I learnt here is never judge a person by his appearance. I have seen people so brainy and smart but poorly dressed because they know their brain is so powerful that they don't need external attractions to impress a person. Though I love the environment here, I respect the people working so hard but for me I think I am a misfit. I think I can contribute more if I work at a place where actually I can show my knowledge and talent both.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My birthday

Its strange how difficult times do good to our lives sometimes. Recently one of my friends had an accidents. Not a very major one but it gave us lot of stress. Running through the hospitals and pacing up and down the hostel for fetching things. But it was strange that it brought 4 of us very close as friends. We cared for each other, we calmed each other when any one panicked. Although it was very difficult to handle everything but our friendship got us through. We actually get to know a person in times of need only. So some people even revealed their true shrewd faces hidden behind the friendly one's.
But all well that ends well. She is good now.

It was my birthday cake which got her into accident. She went to take my cake only when she met an accident. I feel bad. But I am really lucky to get such good friends at every moment in life; in college and in job even. Inspite of having so much tension they brought cake for me and celebrated my birthday. Love you guys.
I'll never forget this birthday ever.
Thanks Suchitra, Nidhi, Rasmita and Abhishek.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why should I??

Every Morning I ask myself a question Why should I? Why should I struggle with this unsympathetic world? Why should I struggle so hard? But then I rest for a moment, sit down, Take a deep breath close my eyes and then the inside of me tells that I SHOULD because it is only me who has the power. POWER to KEEP GOING, POWER to FIGHT and the POWER to LOVE. It has to be me because God has created me for this purpose. He has given me the Brain to plan, a loving heart to spread love around irrespective of all the hatred in the world, 2 hands to create a master piece, two legs to inspect the beautiful world and above all two eyes to observe all the changes I can create.
Now I know that I should so I keep moving.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I love rainy season. Drizzling all day, running around , splashing water and black clouds.
Especially facing my head up towards the sky and feeling rain all over my face, simply awesome feeling.
I have recently shifted to Pune, I must say it looks great in Rains. I took some pics during my visit to Ellora cave and could not resist myself from uploading it on the blog.
here's the link

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I miss myself

There comes a phase in life when we let go of our true self and try to be too good with others so they might like us. But the fact of the life is the harder we try to be liked by others the more opposition we face. And the least one is concerned whether he is liked or not the more people want to be around that person. Lately I also underwent that phase when I wanted some people to like me. But I realized that I can't change forever I might pretend for some days but I am real me from inside. Then why should I hide it. If they have to like me they will have to accept me with all my flaws. Because that's what I am.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Designed for Life

Home is a place where your heart resides
Home is a place that you decide
Home is a womb that holds the soul
Home is a place where one is whole

Home is the glow you hold in your eye
Home is the emotion that makes you cry
Home is safe and a place of peace
Home is a place where all striving cease

Home is protective against the others
Home is full of sisters and brothers
Home is where you find your rest
Home is where you feel your best
- Lisa Emry
This poem was published in Pune Mirror of TOI, I felt so homesick after reading this.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Old snaps with college friends, school friends, family and all the loved ones make me nostalgic. It makes me want to go in past and live in those moments forever. Why does time has to run so fast. Why can't have everybody in my life stay forever, near to me. Why do people and circumstances have to change. The more I want to hold on to something for longer the faster it slips away. Is there nothing that can be done.
I guess nothing.
Truly said
''Memories are very strange 
We laugh when we think of the moments we cried 
cry when we think of the moments we laughed together''

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'll be

I'll be mean
I'll be uncaring
I'll be like what the world is to me
I'll never cry
I'll never expect
I'll never trust
I'll never get betrayed
I'll judge better
I'll choose the good
I'll be what the world is
uncanny, unemotional
and materialistic

Friday, May 7, 2010


Mom. Give me strength 
to face this world
to stand by my morals
to be wise
to be lovable
to be just like you
Always giving 
hard working
to be like an angel 
in live of the people I meet
I want to follow you Mom
Pray for me 
ask God to give me the same strength 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My love

When I was a kid i used to wonder who will I marry? How will he look like? What he might be doing right now? And simultaneously I wondered if he might be thinking the same at this moment. I prayed for him each moment than that where he might be whatever he is doing God give him strength and make him brave and loving at the same time. Brave because I wanted him to protect me from every trouble waiting for me and loving because I wanted him to give me back the same love i have saved for him.
I swear i never prayed that he should be handsome or he should be rich but I always prayed he should be mine and I should be his world. Handsome or not to the world eyes but in my eyes he will be no less the prince. Rich or not but to me his love will be my treasure. I wish he also expects the same from me. I want to tell him I am not very pretty but whatever I am I have saved it over 23 years of my life just for you.
I hope he will be able to understand my love for him. I don't mind seldom quarrels as i know it always comes with the package of love. I am ready to bear your anger but I will not be able to bear a slightest thought of being away from you. I hope he'll understand that I am very possessive about the people I love coz life's not been very fare to me earlier.
Its not that I only want things from you I even promise to give you all these 100 times more in return.
Just be mine!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Me my and mine

I am interesting and confident
I am friendly and sweet
I am intelligent and supportive
Yet I am not satisfied with myself

Is it something I did wrong
Or is it something I forgot 
Or was is it something God did wrong
But its something that makes me conscious all time.

May be I am not a dream girl
May be I am not fair skinned
May be I don't have the perfect figure
But I am the best what God could have made of me

Why should I change myself then
Why should I try to be like others then
Why should I torture myself then
I am my own unique masterpiece

Accept me or not
Be with me or not
Love me or not
Who cares! I don't need your approval.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pace of time

I had my full year wasted after graduation. Did nothing except for crying and yelling at my destiny. No I was not ill or anything I was just too broken as I didn't had the job, people may call it due to recession I call it because of my destiny that says I have to fight for everything which i really want. But truly speaking after a year I have started to accept it and I am ready for the next war which has already started. Any ways going back a year I was in heart broken and I had my reasons for it. I was one of the very good students of my college , teachers admired me, I got good grades, earned scholarships and I think many of my classmates used to envy me and everybody including me thought that I will surely get a good job by the end of the Campus placement. But i didn't. All my friends , classmates started working , earning money and I was merely sitting at home , running around from 1 city to another for interviews , written exams. It was the worst time I ever faced till now.

There was only a single relief in this dark night that I had my parents and my best friend with me , always ready to bear my frustration. They gave me encouragement every time I failed, run miles to fulfill my each requirement, gave me a shoulder when ever I needed to cry. I remember once when I almost cried the whole day my father came to my side and said 'You are diamond my dear and no matter for how long you are ignored you will remain a diamond'. It was so unexpected, he has never shown such confidence in me before. I knew at that moment that how proud he was of me. Finally after months and months of struggle I got a job. I can never forget that day 1st of January 2010 I was so nervous before checking the result as i didn't wanted to ruin the very first day of a New Year. But i think I made it even better I was through. I remember touching my mother's feet after i woke up on 1st Jan and she said ' I am truly confident that this year will not be the last year you had so stop worrying now'. And yes she said it true. My best friend I think he became the happiest person on the world that day after hearing the news literally danced and screamed with joy. The first thing he said' See I always told you, you are the most intelligent girl I have ever seen'. It seemed from his voice that he has accomplished something far greater than what I had got that day.

This whole year taught me many lessons to be remembered through out my life but 3 very important things:
1. You always need your family no matter what you become.
2. Its only in hard time that you know who really matters to you and to whom you really matters. And its only time when you know what people belong to your future.
3. Time travels at its own pace , even if its the happiest of time or the saddest. If you want bad time to pass away quickly and happy times to stay forever its not going to happen.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Different world

I was returning from my grandparents home and standing on the platform, then among many passengers I was observing a cute little kid. I think he was about 4-5 years old standing with his parents and 2 sisters. It seemed like a very normal Indian family. Fortunately we shared the seats in one compartment. The kid came near me and  smiled very cutely at me and directed me to move away from the window as he wanted to sit there and I did as he wished. He started showing me things outside the window and i was quite happy that journey will not be boring now as I now had the company of the kid. I tried talking to him then and it was that moment i noticed something very unusual about that kid and that made my heart ache with pain. The kid could not speak and hear. He was dumb and deaf. Oh my god! I wanted to ask God at that moment why he did this to such a small child. How miserable his life would become. What about his parents? The family I thought earlier as a normal family no longer seemed like that to me now. I could clearly see the lines of worry and fear on parents forehead, tears ready to come out from the side of their eyes when ever their child was asking for something stupid in his half learned sign language, sisters taking extra care of their brother, smiling even when he was beating him. I felt so sorry for the parents but i knew i couldn't do anything for them. During the whole journey the child in his full innocence and charm kept leaping over the whole apartment totally unaware of his life to come in future. At one moment he tried to say something in his sister's ear. I felt like i will cry at that moment. I remembered the few lines of a Metallica song at that moment and that fitted what I would have said to that kid-

openquote Son, your life's an open book
don't close it before it's done closequote

May God bless him and make his life easier. Amen.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

To where I belong

To where I belong 
and to whom
I am so confused.
I find no place which belongs to me

No person to whom I may declare mine
Surrounded by people yet so lonely
God please take me away
hide me somewhere
some place where I can be me
some place entirely mine
where I don't have to behave
where there are no fears
I don't like it here.
Or if you can't do that
give me my share
for which no one else can claim
which is mine and entirely mine.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Entrepreneur skills

Recently I read so many books and articles about Entrepreneurship and the qualities needed to be one. There are some common qualities that all authors write about and make sure we read it at least twice or thrice before finishing the book. Like good body language, good communication skills and aiming high are few of them. I agree, one need to have all of these but these are the qualities we can develop in a period of time but I was just wandering there must be some other special quality that Entrepreneurs have may be that is genetics or something they got unknowingly.

I think that quality is being highly passionate about your goals. But here again a question arises how many of us know what exactly we want to do with our lives. Hardly 5% of us. If we don't know where to hit then its literally a waste of time and resources learning to shoot. So the first brick for success is get your mind and soul to love something very passionately and dearly and the water that seed through out the life. Another quality is respect for yourself and others
then only you can care for the person below you. Every one of us know that we can never ever survive on us own. We need people; to grow food for us, clothing, building houses even if we leave the socializing part behind. So if you can't respect them you can't ever get helped. Thirdly, grab the knowledge no matter who gives it to you or where you get it or how you get it. In fact i'll say 'Everything is fare for acquiring knowledge'.Get inspired and just follow the foot steps left behind by people before you. Because no matter how innovative and creative you may think yourself to be you'll be following the previous great people ahead pf you; it can be your mother, father, Gandhiji, Abrahm Lincoln and countless of them.
Everything apart from this can be learnt after you are successful but you can't be successful if you don'y have these.

PS: If reader thinks there are any other qualities also suggestions are welcome.