Friday, January 27, 2012

Happiness.. that is lost somewhere

I can't even remember the last time I was truly happy, that's what I feel when I see other people fun pics on Facebook. Its been long when I let myself free or did something really crazy. I have forgotten how an adrenalin rush feels inside the body. I am bored of living this routine and non-fun life. Its just 5 days of office spent in front of the laptop waiting for the weekend to come and weekends spent doing non-sense shopping or sleeping around. All this might have given me the momentary happiness but nothing that could flush my face red or made my heart beat in happiness at least for a week.
Everyone in life has changed with time. Every relation seems so selfish. Although I meet a lot of people laugh and hang around with them but some where inside I know that if I disappear for sometime everyone of them will stop caring after some time.
Sometimes I think of leaving on a long voyage alone, with no mobile phones and no worries, a long voyage that will help me discover me, discover what is important in life and what is not; what I love and what not and may be I can also know what is true happiness and what I am living right now.