Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LIfe's been a total failure

I have been a total failure in every respect of mu life. Not even a single soul I know is satisfied with what I am and with what I did for them. Even I myself is nit satisfied with what I've lived through all these years. Failed at every step, I think I've reached the height of unsatisfaction. After all what is happening to me I don't know was it my fault or just the destiny that was meant to happen. I tried and worked harder and harder, got exhausted whole my life just to be successful, but got nothing in return. Or did I just not worked enough, what I thought was sufficient may but it was not.

I always lived with the aim of pleasing everyone, my parents, friends, loved ones, teachers and everyone. But what I actually landed with was  just the opposite of it all. Disappointed and hurt everyone's feelings. I suppose I just don't belong to this world. May be I reach everywhere at wrong place and at the wrong time. Truly speaking I am tired now. I've just given up all hopes and desires. I want nothing from anyone and neither do I want them to expect anything from me. Because what will I be a total failure all my life. Just want to be alone someplace where my mind stop working, my heart stop beating, my eyes close away from this world and away from any one I love. Because I am just too much sick and tired of all my life.
Sometimes I am just too jealous of all the happy people around me which make me hate myself so much. I wish wouldn't have born. This world is too imposing and cruel.
Please take me away!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Archie weds Betty

Recent updates for the Archie fans. He decides to propose Betty, ditching the hot babe Veronica. Truly speaking even I wanted Archie to marry Betty; the homely and innocent Jane. Being a girl I found myself close to that character. may be because I was not that hot or may be being not that rich or may be because every Indian girl is raised with the teachings like that of Betty. That was my reasons for wanting Archie to marry Betty but I think even every boy wanted the same, no one wanted him to marry the hot girl. Why is this dual mentality; date the hot one and marry the innocent one.
I have full sympathy with both the girls. When dating comes always the Veronica type are chosen as they don't bore the boys with any issues like money or home or anything. They are just the chillax one's. Just go and have fun. They are not to be bothered. Get them and forget them is the real mantra that works on both the sides. But when it comes to marriage boys think the girl should be attentive, caring, concerned on all the issues so that they don't have to worry about anything, not for family atleast. Thinking on it boys have all the benefits any ways. They are the one's who are carefree hamesha! Why can't a hot one be a good wife? Why can't a boy take her as his wife and pamper her the same way as he does before?
Why always a girl has to change herself according to demands of the boys for becoming a good girl friend and a good wife? Even a boy should try to adjust and mold himself accordingly. But I guess it has always been a male chauvinist society always and will never change the way it adopted some 1000 years ago.
Anyways congratulations Betty and my full sympathy for the other girl. Hope she'll get some one nicer if she could change herself a little bit.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cry and you cry alone

Cry and you cry alone, laugh and the world will laugh with you.Today I truly understood what this pithy wanted to convey since so many years. Nobody loves a crying baby except your own parents. No matter how much you think that the other person supports you or is understanding your trouble, never ever commit a mistake of totally relying on him. Everyone wants to be with a charming person even we should admit to ourselves that we are not the exceptions. Being practical is always a better option until it comes to ourselves. Its the only condition when heart defeats brain of our so called practical youths, and that's when you loose. Barehanded and open mouthed that is what describe the situation when you actually realize what just happened to your life.
Always listen to your brains that's the best advice I can give to all those searching for a support desperately. Nobody but you parents or you yourself can struggle with your mishap; either crying it out or any other way you like it to but never ever submit yourself. After all nobody is your servant (not even servants bear it nowadays!) to bear your loads of problems onto his shoulders. Just believe your God, your parents( I repeat) and your brains. These are your full time assets and you can do whatever you want to with them; cry, shout, fight or just have faith.
A poem copied from a blog but really touching...

I am alone,
so very alone

I hurt,
so very bad

I am ignored,
just thrown aside

I am security,
for others to have

I am lonely,
there is no one close,
no one sees the pain

I cry,
hope is gone

I am alone,
and no one knows

Friday, October 9, 2009

The good old college days

Just like Purani jeans and guitar, were the good old carefree college days, hostel life. The best period of everyone's life is there when we just purchased our own piece of sky, learned to fly with sometimes injured wings and sometimes holding hands with our fleet members. Ah! Those days can never be forgotten. 
Late night gossips, birthday bumps, water parties with everybody drenched and rooms flooded with water. Enthusiastic just like a monkey let loose from the cage, a little frightened but full of youthfulness. This life teaches a lot not only to love and make friendship but also to survive and create your stand in an unknown newly created world. Away from parents protective laps, we begin to know ourselves for the first time, estimate our potentials, create our own identity, bring creativity, support ourselves and the friends in times of need. Search and offer shoulders in times of depressions. Huge parties and 9-12 movie shows at times of happiness. Search for protection in our seniors. What not? These four years of life are just priceless and make my life worth living. 
Now when everything get over you still have those friends you made for life; loving you and encouraging to struggle in this unworthy of living corporate world. Where there are no one to give you a  cozy hug, no one to take care when you are ill and no one to pat you when you miss you mommy. 
If only I could get Alladin's chirag I will wish to live those four years again with all my loved one's back there. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hurray! Atleast its not the worst place to live in

According to HDR (Human Development Report) 2009 among 182 countries India ranks 134th best country to live in.with Niger being the worst and Norway being the best. Its a great relief. We can now imagine what these other below Indian level countries would be facing. Although conditions here are also not too good. Newspapers are flooded with daily mishaps. Our attitude is needs to be changed. It should be a more liberal, caring and broad minded.Until and unless we can respect our citizens, respect them, then what development we can expect.
Recently PT Usha was denied a decent demeanor from the organizing authorities of National Athlete meet. If we cant respect and treat our existing athletes well how can we expect to breed up the new ones. Is this the land where cricket is a religion for people. We can spend crores and crores for a single and for other we don't even have a penny. This is no attitude. Then why do we cry over our incompetency in Olympics when we deliver our gratitude in such an unrespectful way.
Other incident of an AI air hostess, who was allegedly molested midair. No place is safe; neither on land, inside water and nor in air. We boast of women empowerment but this incident doesn't reflect the one. We don't expect a 24X7 safety but at least a good judiciary system which can hear the appeals, the injustice going around.
If want our country to grow people have to develop there minds first. Adopt some corporate behavior and a decent respect for the society and the people living in it. Not to suppress the minority but to let it flourish. We have to leave our male chauvinism behind. Then only we can dream of changes otherwise India is and will remain 134th.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the creator-God: Drama in Reality

the creator-God: Drama in Reality

Drama in Reality

Ye nahi dekha to kya dekha! Lots of Reality shows are on air recently breaking the trend of witty Ekta Kapoor's family drama. Latest in the news are Pati Patni aur woh and Big Boss starring Amitabh Bachchan. The former casting Rakhi and the later Rakhi's mom. These television people leave no stone unturned to let the controversy creep in.
The government recently announced not to use child actors as this is against the laws but this law was made liberal on accounts off the actors claiming that they work willfully. So just their working hours were limited but what about the newly born. These children are harassed in the reality show. I really think what their parents are up to. I've heard even a chimpanzee wont let her child separated from her, are they worst than the animals. What sort of social evolution is this? Where these reality shows are taking our society to? Boys and girls sharing same houses, showing off vulgarity with such prides that too on air. This wasn't the Indian culture. I actually don't get the idea of these shows. You are being locked up in a certain space for few days without your contact with outside world. Is this the task. I myself has not gone out and visit any of my friends for about a month. That makes me eligible for the show I suppose.
Or is the reality about how much insects and animals you can bear or take into your stomach. Then I think most of us will be ruled out because of being the unfortunate vegetarians.
Frankly speaking there's no reality in these made up shows. They make up controversies to increase the TRP. Harass innocent children, show superficial truths, spoil the image of a true Indian culture and are just not an apt material to be shown on Indian television where watching television is a family activity that includes all generations. I wish we could revert back to Mahabharat days or Potli baba ki. It was such fun