Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heart felt happiness

Have you ever felt happy, really happy when someone else achieved something. I did today. A very close friend of mine got through IIMs. It was one of those times that you truly start to believe in lines " Bhagwan jo karta hai ache k liye karta hai". I have seen this friend struggling alone through some really hard times without loosing  faith in god ever and now was his day when he could proudly claim these lines 'Meine kaha tha na mera bhagwan sab sahi karega".
Hats off to you buddy, you proved all of us wrong.
May all of us get through the difficulties of life in the same way as you did. You proved us wrong, you proved that god is like a mother who has to be harsh sometimes with her kids to teach them a lesson.
May god bless all of us.