Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Entrepreneur skills

Recently I read so many books and articles about Entrepreneurship and the qualities needed to be one. There are some common qualities that all authors write about and make sure we read it at least twice or thrice before finishing the book. Like good body language, good communication skills and aiming high are few of them. I agree, one need to have all of these but these are the qualities we can develop in a period of time but I was just wandering there must be some other special quality that Entrepreneurs have may be that is genetics or something they got unknowingly.

I think that quality is being highly passionate about your goals. But here again a question arises how many of us know what exactly we want to do with our lives. Hardly 5% of us. If we don't know where to hit then its literally a waste of time and resources learning to shoot. So the first brick for success is get your mind and soul to love something very passionately and dearly and the water that seed through out the life. Another quality is respect for yourself and others
then only you can care for the person below you. Every one of us know that we can never ever survive on us own. We need people; to grow food for us, clothing, building houses even if we leave the socializing part behind. So if you can't respect them you can't ever get helped. Thirdly, grab the knowledge no matter who gives it to you or where you get it or how you get it. In fact i'll say 'Everything is fare for acquiring knowledge'.Get inspired and just follow the foot steps left behind by people before you. Because no matter how innovative and creative you may think yourself to be you'll be following the previous great people ahead pf you; it can be your mother, father, Gandhiji, Abrahm Lincoln and countless of them.
Everything apart from this can be learnt after you are successful but you can't be successful if you don'y have these.

PS: If reader thinks there are any other qualities also suggestions are welcome.