Thursday, May 6, 2010

My love

When I was a kid i used to wonder who will I marry? How will he look like? What he might be doing right now? And simultaneously I wondered if he might be thinking the same at this moment. I prayed for him each moment than that where he might be whatever he is doing God give him strength and make him brave and loving at the same time. Brave because I wanted him to protect me from every trouble waiting for me and loving because I wanted him to give me back the same love i have saved for him.
I swear i never prayed that he should be handsome or he should be rich but I always prayed he should be mine and I should be his world. Handsome or not to the world eyes but in my eyes he will be no less the prince. Rich or not but to me his love will be my treasure. I wish he also expects the same from me. I want to tell him I am not very pretty but whatever I am I have saved it over 23 years of my life just for you.
I hope he will be able to understand my love for him. I don't mind seldom quarrels as i know it always comes with the package of love. I am ready to bear your anger but I will not be able to bear a slightest thought of being away from you. I hope he'll understand that I am very possessive about the people I love coz life's not been very fare to me earlier.
Its not that I only want things from you I even promise to give you all these 100 times more in return.
Just be mine!