Sunday, November 8, 2009

My unindentified desires

What do I want from my life? Do I know about it? Am I clear about it. I don't know. I am just too confused and dissatisfied with my life. I think I just wasted 23 years of my life doing nothing and now I don'y know what I am looking for. This is such a messy situation dear god! Is this the situation with me or there are any other like me. If there are I would certainly like to meet them and clear away my doubts.

Few months earlier I thought my life is taking me to the exact path I wanted to but what do I exactly wanted? I think I want to be the happiest of all or do I want the money or do I want friends and family. Firstly I want to know what is the core of life, what makes it and what are the essential ingredients that make it up. May be then I will decide what I want.
I wonder who can answer all my questions or am i asking the correct questions. I have heard a lot of times from my elders that it is not the humans that decide it is god and he has already written our destiny; then why is a human punished for his crimes as it is god who drove him towards doing that. And then why it is said that we have to bear the fruit of all our deeds on this planet earth only. Why bother us for a deed already done if we are mere puppets of gods.
I think everyone here are like me only formulating there own sayings and words according to the situation, so unclear and foolish. At least I know that I am confused but they even don't know this. Finally I found at least a thing that I am clear about.