Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LIfe's been a total failure

I have been a total failure in every respect of mu life. Not even a single soul I know is satisfied with what I am and with what I did for them. Even I myself is nit satisfied with what I've lived through all these years. Failed at every step, I think I've reached the height of unsatisfaction. After all what is happening to me I don't know was it my fault or just the destiny that was meant to happen. I tried and worked harder and harder, got exhausted whole my life just to be successful, but got nothing in return. Or did I just not worked enough, what I thought was sufficient may but it was not.

I always lived with the aim of pleasing everyone, my parents, friends, loved ones, teachers and everyone. But what I actually landed with was  just the opposite of it all. Disappointed and hurt everyone's feelings. I suppose I just don't belong to this world. May be I reach everywhere at wrong place and at the wrong time. Truly speaking I am tired now. I've just given up all hopes and desires. I want nothing from anyone and neither do I want them to expect anything from me. Because what will I be a total failure all my life. Just want to be alone someplace where my mind stop working, my heart stop beating, my eyes close away from this world and away from any one I love. Because I am just too much sick and tired of all my life.
Sometimes I am just too jealous of all the happy people around me which make me hate myself so much. I wish wouldn't have born. This world is too imposing and cruel.
Please take me away!