Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Different world

I was returning from my grandparents home and standing on the platform, then among many passengers I was observing a cute little kid. I think he was about 4-5 years old standing with his parents and 2 sisters. It seemed like a very normal Indian family. Fortunately we shared the seats in one compartment. The kid came near me and  smiled very cutely at me and directed me to move away from the window as he wanted to sit there and I did as he wished. He started showing me things outside the window and i was quite happy that journey will not be boring now as I now had the company of the kid. I tried talking to him then and it was that moment i noticed something very unusual about that kid and that made my heart ache with pain. The kid could not speak and hear. He was dumb and deaf. Oh my god! I wanted to ask God at that moment why he did this to such a small child. How miserable his life would become. What about his parents? The family I thought earlier as a normal family no longer seemed like that to me now. I could clearly see the lines of worry and fear on parents forehead, tears ready to come out from the side of their eyes when ever their child was asking for something stupid in his half learned sign language, sisters taking extra care of their brother, smiling even when he was beating him. I felt so sorry for the parents but i knew i couldn't do anything for them. During the whole journey the child in his full innocence and charm kept leaping over the whole apartment totally unaware of his life to come in future. At one moment he tried to say something in his sister's ear. I felt like i will cry at that moment. I remembered the few lines of a Metallica song at that moment and that fitted what I would have said to that kid-

openquote Son, your life's an open book
don't close it before it's done closequote

May God bless him and make his life easier. Amen.