Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pace of time

I had my full year wasted after graduation. Did nothing except for crying and yelling at my destiny. No I was not ill or anything I was just too broken as I didn't had the job, people may call it due to recession I call it because of my destiny that says I have to fight for everything which i really want. But truly speaking after a year I have started to accept it and I am ready for the next war which has already started. Any ways going back a year I was in heart broken and I had my reasons for it. I was one of the very good students of my college , teachers admired me, I got good grades, earned scholarships and I think many of my classmates used to envy me and everybody including me thought that I will surely get a good job by the end of the Campus placement. But i didn't. All my friends , classmates started working , earning money and I was merely sitting at home , running around from 1 city to another for interviews , written exams. It was the worst time I ever faced till now.

There was only a single relief in this dark night that I had my parents and my best friend with me , always ready to bear my frustration. They gave me encouragement every time I failed, run miles to fulfill my each requirement, gave me a shoulder when ever I needed to cry. I remember once when I almost cried the whole day my father came to my side and said 'You are diamond my dear and no matter for how long you are ignored you will remain a diamond'. It was so unexpected, he has never shown such confidence in me before. I knew at that moment that how proud he was of me. Finally after months and months of struggle I got a job. I can never forget that day 1st of January 2010 I was so nervous before checking the result as i didn't wanted to ruin the very first day of a New Year. But i think I made it even better I was through. I remember touching my mother's feet after i woke up on 1st Jan and she said ' I am truly confident that this year will not be the last year you had so stop worrying now'. And yes she said it true. My best friend I think he became the happiest person on the world that day after hearing the news literally danced and screamed with joy. The first thing he said' See I always told you, you are the most intelligent girl I have ever seen'. It seemed from his voice that he has accomplished something far greater than what I had got that day.

This whole year taught me many lessons to be remembered through out my life but 3 very important things:
1. You always need your family no matter what you become.
2. Its only in hard time that you know who really matters to you and to whom you really matters. And its only time when you know what people belong to your future.
3. Time travels at its own pace , even if its the happiest of time or the saddest. If you want bad time to pass away quickly and happy times to stay forever its not going to happen.