Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time to change

After a full hard year of struggling through the job and loneliness in the city I could find another job. A multinational consultancy. I am happy very happy but i cant understand the reason why am I having this anxiety about leaving the previous one. I was not even attached to anyone here except for 1 family, my neighbors. They are nice people. I didn't like the office, I didn't like the city but somehow I am feeling attached to all this. I want to leave all this but also want to take a part of this along with me.
Yesterday morning when a left to meet my boss with Resignation letter in my hand, I didn't expected any sort of resistance from his side but it really touched me when he tried to persuade me for not leaving the job, what all plans he had in mind for my future with this company. I actually felt my worth here for the first time.
May be that's the reason of my anxiety.Anyways life has moved on and given me a great opportunity to prove my worth at some place, a place which I always dream of. I hope I get things what I want.

All the best to me :)