Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday Wish (A post copied from another blog)

The clock has just strike 12 ,

A new day has begun.

A day when many people come and wish me ; bless me ;

Shower love and gifts and what not.

Today is the day , when I’m treated like a Princess.

Nothing I ask is refused.

Everyone is around me,

Surprising me,

Trying to make me happy.

They ask me to make a wish,

The Birthday Wish!

Something rational rather practical.

But at this moment ,

I wanna be alone , silent .

Wanna look at the sky,

Search for the stars

And make a silent wish..

A wish for a person ,

A person , whom right now ,

Yeah! Right now , I can go and hug so tight ,

Cry on his shoulders.

Who can kiss away the pain,

Who can wipe off the tears,

Who can just sit with me,

Who can just take me into his arms,

And make me feel safe.

Someone who can set me free.

And yeah!

Someone who can look me in the eyes and

Say “I missed you” and really means it.

(Touch wood)

P.S. I Love You :-*

Copied from: http://emotionssetfree.blogspot.com/2011/08/birthday-wish.html