Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thodi si jo pee li h...

The famous song lines- now a culture of most of the cities.Mostly with the college goings and especially in metro cities. I could never understand the fascination of some of friends about drinking. And I actually realize this now that girls used to be even more fascinated than boys. People consider it as a symbol of their modernized life and few people who are not ready to follow this hard drinked path are considered as obsolete.
During office parties open bar is an utter necessity, people don't feel like they are enjoying until the are drowned in glass full of scotch.And those people who still choose to have a glass of orange juice feel like an outsider as if they have no sense of modernized world or what.
Lounges.. the so called 'Most Happening Places to go represent another hang out place for upper classers. Music so loud that you literally have to shout to talk to the person sitting next to you, lights so dimmed that you have to open your mobile to read out the menu card.
I am not at all against adopting the western culture or anything. Even I consider myself a decently modernized enough girl who would love to dress up, have fun, go out with friends but with certain values and principles that I can't ever compromise on my side. But why am I always made to feel like a gawar or a small town person who will never understand what high class things are and I will never be able to grow up from a small town girl status until I start doing all these things. Its a real shock to them when I say I don't drink and yes I have never even tried to taste the Amritras.