Sunday, October 7, 2012

Priorities of life

Born on one fine Wednesday evening the first and the foremost priority in my life was to get food. Then started the chain of changing priorities in life. Then the next priority in my life was to get mother's attention. Then my sister was born after few years. I used to love taking care of her and used to show her around to my friends carrying her in my arms but I used to hate her when my mom used to shout at me as I might drop and hurt her. I adjusted myself to the fact after a while that now there is one more person in my mother's life and I might not get her 100% attention.

Midst of all these I was sent to school and I could not understand why my parents are leaving me between all these strange kids, wasn't one enough at home! But slowly I got adjusted and I actually started to like a few kids. As a kid I used to love coming to school as I was sharp in studies and teachers used to love me. At this stage of life my priority was to enjoy, play and not get scolded.

Slowly life moved on again and I joined a coaching institute, priorities changed suddenly. Now the main priority in my life to study, study and clear JEE. I did and was sent to college. At college I had to make friends again and the priorities for sometime got focused on becoming popular and getting recognition in the small world called college. I actually had a lot of fun at college and did everything that I desired for. Excelled in studies, got great placements, joined the sports team, fell in love and what not.

Finally joined the corporate sector now and the priority is mere to survive in this world all alone and to be happy, which I think is becoming next to impossible.

I don't know when will this end. I just don't want to have any more priorities in life. I want to live everyday life as it comes - new, refreshing and unknown everyday. Is it at all possible. No I don't think so. To meet the basic expectation that people around you have from me and to keep them happy, I have to prioritize each and every second of my life.

And truly speaking I hate it!