Saturday, January 19, 2013

Old things but with a new perspective - 3

An old lady sitting by my side in the park was turning back again and again, and was searching for the society guard. She looked like a smart and beautiful woman. I strongly felt like talking to her and I did. She told me that she lives alone in an apartment in this society. Her husband died 3 years back and now she has blood cancer. I had tears in my eyes the moment I heard that and was also shocked because while talking to her I never felt like she had any regrets with life or God. She was in fact a very lively person and reminded me of my grandmother who passed away few days ago also of cancer. We talked for a while and then she left after inviting me to her place to play Ludo with her. She left me thinking. The woman has seen so much in her life, been through so much and after 75 years of her life she was alone but not sad. She had no son but 4 daughters and she was very proud of all of therm. I could see her eyes beaming with proud when she was telling me about their accomplishments and how well they took care of her. I wonder will I be that happy and proud at her age. I wish I am. I would do anything to get that satisfaction and patience out of my life.