Friday, June 23, 2017

Independent or dependent on servants

Women should be treated equal to men... women of this age are independent.. + 10 other feminist views that all of us (or at least I) have educated at some point of time. But do we really understand what it truly means? Somewhere between all this hype around feminism modern generation women have taken things differently. We feel much more powerful (and more = man) when we perform in a work environment but feel shameful when its a household task. I have seen many who doesn’t even know basic things like cutting a fruit or making tea. The worst thing is they feel proud about it. Why not they are so called “Working independent women” and there are lot of services available in the market who will take care of all these basic necessities “if you are ready to spend”. Big basket will deliver freshly cut fruits and vegetables, Swiggy will deliver cooked food, housejoy can send people to clean your house and what not. These startups have tapped into the right market of laziness and arrogance.
I am not saying that only women are expected to know household stuff. These skills are equally important for male and female to survive alone. I remember my father always helping out my mom whether it be cooking food or washing clothes (because my mom had 4 kids to take care of). When my father got transferred to a village, my mother stayed back in Kota for 15 years so that she can make 4 IITians out of us. All this was possible only because my father knew how to take care of himself without being dependent on anybody. This is called being an Independent person. We cannot call ourselves “Independent” when we are so much dependent on others to do the task for us.
There are characteristics of a women that differentiates them from men. And one of them is the nurturing nature. All mom/ghar ki yaad videos get a lot of attention these days but have we ever thought how our kids will deal with daily stuff when we are so much “Dependent” on our servants.