Sunday, September 19, 2010

My birthday

Its strange how difficult times do good to our lives sometimes. Recently one of my friends had an accidents. Not a very major one but it gave us lot of stress. Running through the hospitals and pacing up and down the hostel for fetching things. But it was strange that it brought 4 of us very close as friends. We cared for each other, we calmed each other when any one panicked. Although it was very difficult to handle everything but our friendship got us through. We actually get to know a person in times of need only. So some people even revealed their true shrewd faces hidden behind the friendly one's.
But all well that ends well. She is good now.

It was my birthday cake which got her into accident. She went to take my cake only when she met an accident. I feel bad. But I am really lucky to get such good friends at every moment in life; in college and in job even. Inspite of having so much tension they brought cake for me and celebrated my birthday. Love you guys.
I'll never forget this birthday ever.
Thanks Suchitra, Nidhi, Rasmita and Abhishek.