Monday, September 27, 2010


When I was a kid I used to imagine all scientists like Einstein or Newton; shabby hair all white, popping out eyes, geek, insane and depressingly rude. Sort of out of the world  people totally freaking type. I never ever wanted to be one. I used to be a dynamic student in my college involved in all kinds of curricular and extra curricular activities. I always imagined myself as being a Manager of a company and finally landing up as the CEO after some 10-15 years. I maintained my notion of scientist till college time even. After completing B.Tech from IIT I landed up as a scientist. I was totally freaked out before joining and yes I still maintain my notion of scientist though not totally but 50 % of it is still there. But now I think some qualities that make a scientist weird are actually necessary for the profession. Like for example one has to be in total love with solitude if he wants to work with total dedication though hair being gray is not necessary. I have met many wonderful charming scientists in my present job who have devoted whole of their life so that world can get something new and amazing. One very important thing I learnt here is never judge a person by his appearance. I have seen people so brainy and smart but poorly dressed because they know their brain is so powerful that they don't need external attractions to impress a person. Though I love the environment here, I respect the people working so hard but for me I think I am a misfit. I think I can contribute more if I work at a place where actually I can show my knowledge and talent both.