Friday, September 23, 2011

I am loving it!!

Sitting on the balcony of my 7th floor apartment on a nice windy night with laptop on my lap and old Lata Mangeshkar song playing on it I feel the motivation to write this blog somehow. When I look through the sky of this moonless night I see hundreds of small fireflies lightning the houses of people. A loud factory sayran (sorry i don't know its English word and I couldn't find it either) whistling through the silence of night.People rushing through the lane as some of their loved ones are waiting for them at home.I see lots of cars both big and small lined up inside the society campus.If I try to see a little far I see huge traffic jam with lots of four wheelers packed inside it even at 1am.
All this reminds me of a perfect novel scene. I am loving my balcony right now and thought I just had a fight with my college friend and my flatmate right now (not very big one though!) but I have fall in love with the night for the first time in my life.