Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some things go away to never come back

Recently I got the opportunity to visit my Alma mater as a part or recruiting team of my company. I was so excited after all I was going to be there after 2 years of finishing my college but I was skeptical too that I will get all bored with such senior managers of the company as I knew none of them before ( I joined company only 2 months back). But I could never say no to such a wonderful opportunity so I accepted.
And it was the day when we were all sitting at the airport and I was sitting in the corner of the corner most seat at the airport restaurant.I really didn't wanted to open my mouth without thinking as it might get reflected in my performance reviews later on so I choose to sit quiet for a while and know all these people. Suddenly one of my very senior manager (he is sort of vice president of India office and lets call him X) started talking to me . I already knew he was my alumni from college but didn't really expected what was about to come. We started talking about the college , the hostels, the famous local cuisines, the shops near the college that used to be there at his time as compared to mine, and we talked about literally everything and everything that used to exist in college. He was so much in love with his college days although it was past around 23 years for him but we talked for hours about old college buddies till we reached there.
I was so excited that I was enjoying the trip as compared to what all I had imagined in my mind for past 2 days. After completing some group discussions in college we were done for that day. Me and X sort of made our plans to go to local places and try some of the tastes that we never got after leaving this city and hearing about our plans everyone also got excited and decided to tag along. We had so much fun.
In-spite of second day being so hectic still we found out some time to go to some more places and make our journey the memorable one. Thanks to X his energy even at this age was so contagious that kinda dragged everyone inside.
I guess this is the beauty of the college too. I have never seen people of other colleges going so crazy about their Alma mater as the people of my college. It has sort of divine energy being located at a holy place. It always remind everyone of the peaceful and fun days that they spent here. Seriously some things go away to never come back.
I miss you college.. Those were and will always be the best days of my life