Saturday, September 19, 2009

Astrology- A growing business idea

Whole of my family gathers around the TV with mobile phone in their hand, watching the very famous astrology show on telivision. its almost a evryday chore, but phone hai ki lagta hi nahi.
This astrology business has rejuvenated after a long time of silence.
Almost all the news channels nowadays have daily 2-3 hours of future broadcast. Not only that but also Live shows where you are supposed to ask question on your existing pathetic conditions and they'll tell you on air how to improve it. Sometimes it looks so stupid. But atleast they are better than Saas Bahu shows.
Some of the shows, they may not improve your condition but truly promote a society welfare. Now you may be thinking how. They suggest you solutions like giving cow, ants and birds the food, treating your relatives well, helping the poor etc. In a way they are helping the society.
But predicting the future... I don't know wether there's actually a way they know our futures, past and present.
Not only in India but almost every country have their future predicting devices. You can know your future from almost evrything, you just have to know the idea I suppose. For eg. there's coffee future prediction, handwriting, numerology, date and birth time, your face,your hand and a lot more.
Accept it or not we all believe it to some extent. I do believe it myself especially when its good and want it to come true. I think that's the way the world works. Follow your heart wether it sounds real or not. Vishwas karne se to pathar mein bhi jaan aa jaati hai, to ismein kya burai hai.