Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Globally Across the world

What? U don't know the latest updates on Twitter. Sashi tharoor calling economy class the cattle class. Yes, not only the youths but our Indian politicians are also connected globally through the social networking sites. No wonder if Baba Ramdev, Aasaram ji and all the religious leaders also have a twitter account, after all its their right. Sometime later a new fundamental right would be added to our constitution- Right to get a twitter/orkut /facebook account.
When I first joined orkut some 4 years earlier, it was a matter of awe to have an account. One has to get a friend request from an already joined member then only he could create an account. That time intenet facilities were also not available like we have it now. But now even a newly born can get his orkut account as a gift on his first birthday. These google people globalized the world in true sense. Just imagine the scenario change in these 4-5 years. Earlier- people used to starve to meet their long lost schoolmates, to know what their friends might be doing, the only mode was telephones and not everybody had that much money to stay connected 24X7 but now you can actually can know everybody around the globe. Not only friends, but friends friends and firends friends friends can find you , no matter where you gon and bury your face. You can display your albums online, flaunt yourself and get comments.
You might not be knowing who lives in your neighborhood but you are sure of who live in north pole. It has done opposite of what actually its name, made a person loner, sluggish and geek like. Sitting alone sticked to your computer and chatting. How good is that? You know what's happening but you are not a physical part of it. You can just sit and watch. It only gives a virtual picture of the society. Infact, increases depression cases, makes a person dull. I don't think that's a very good basis for the future society sirji.
I think it did harm but did more good to the society, after all everyone has the right to express himself, right to get acquainted. Not only people but you can also communicate with groups of your intrest, share knowledge, pass on data, get educated and lots of endless stuffs. May be its upto the user to take its advantage or let it take our advantage.
For me- Thanks to all these sites! Helped me a lot at everystage; gave me back my freinds, cost free communication and widely spreaded knowledge bank and I take it as a point to experience everything myself what my friends have displayed online so that I don't get dull and lathargic. Also I know who my neighbors are and where my friends live in northpole both.