Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rakhi Sawant

The most hot and happening girl of bollywood, infact she is the most flashed celebrity on news channel Aaj Tak. The cast her on air whenever they have a free slot. She is the world's best newsmaker. I can recall in the 1 year she's been on the news for her-
1. Breast implant
2. The world famous Rakhi ka Swayamwar (I think she regards herself to be princess)
3. Mica's controversial Kiss
4. For the dance reality show.
5. Now for the reality show 'Pati patni aur wo' (Swatmwar to kar liya, lo ab bacha sambhalo)
My god what a happ she is!!!
She is a real time drama queen but apart from all these there are qute a lot of things to be learnt from her. This girl inspires always to work hard, be yourself. Let the world talk behind your back because it can never be with you (no matter wether you are following the right path or the wrong one). People talk behind your back only when you are ahead of them. She is the creator of her own destiny. Never regrets her past deeds. I actualy salute her courage and confidence.
I thinks this is the key for the real happiness and survival in this brutual world.
Today, that is why I chose to write about this beautiful, sexy and bold girl. Its really heart breaking to see all of your friends and well wishers leaving you on your way to success due to jealousy and new ones joining you just to take advantage of you.
You are born alone and have to die alone so as this brave girl suggest. Just be yourself aur apne mann ki karo.