Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aaj ke Ravan

Imagine if Ravan would have lived in 21st century. Lets redraw the history. Ravan with his gang would have entered Ramji's house faking the security system and may be he would come as a salesman rather than a priest asking for food. Sitaji would have gone inside for some water and in the mean time he would have given her the chloroform and kidnapped her. Taking her to his den. Now what? As the story goes he just took her. didn't even asked for extortion money, neither abused her and to the astonishment didn't even tried to touch her forcefully.
But our 21st century Ravan would not be a such gentleman.
All what the above story depicts is there are uncountable number of Ravan's existing in this society now. No road is safe for a girl. What's the reason, the reason being the judiciary system. Ravan was killed just for kidnapping Sitaji. But now hardly a punishment of 2-3 years. Is that enough? After destroying an innocent girl's life should that person be so easily allowed to go away. Infact if  the criminal is a high society spoiled kid he spares himself from even this minor punishment.
Our government actually need to improve the judiciary system. They need to atleast learn lessons from Indian mythology. Otherwise with such a rapid increase in girl abuse the day is not far when all the girls would have to roam around in burkhaas. Until and unless we can't keep the female gender of the society safe its completely useless to talk of gender equality.