Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Drama in Reality

Ye nahi dekha to kya dekha! Lots of Reality shows are on air recently breaking the trend of witty Ekta Kapoor's family drama. Latest in the news are Pati Patni aur woh and Big Boss starring Amitabh Bachchan. The former casting Rakhi and the later Rakhi's mom. These television people leave no stone unturned to let the controversy creep in.
The government recently announced not to use child actors as this is against the laws but this law was made liberal on accounts off the actors claiming that they work willfully. So just their working hours were limited but what about the newly born. These children are harassed in the reality show. I really think what their parents are up to. I've heard even a chimpanzee wont let her child separated from her, are they worst than the animals. What sort of social evolution is this? Where these reality shows are taking our society to? Boys and girls sharing same houses, showing off vulgarity with such prides that too on air. This wasn't the Indian culture. I actually don't get the idea of these shows. You are being locked up in a certain space for few days without your contact with outside world. Is this the task. I myself has not gone out and visit any of my friends for about a month. That makes me eligible for the show I suppose.
Or is the reality about how much insects and animals you can bear or take into your stomach. Then I think most of us will be ruled out because of being the unfortunate vegetarians.
Frankly speaking there's no reality in these made up shows. They make up controversies to increase the TRP. Harass innocent children, show superficial truths, spoil the image of a true Indian culture and are just not an apt material to be shown on Indian television where watching television is a family activity that includes all generations. I wish we could revert back to Mahabharat days or Potli baba ki. It was such fun