Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cry and you cry alone

Cry and you cry alone, laugh and the world will laugh with you.Today I truly understood what this pithy wanted to convey since so many years. Nobody loves a crying baby except your own parents. No matter how much you think that the other person supports you or is understanding your trouble, never ever commit a mistake of totally relying on him. Everyone wants to be with a charming person even we should admit to ourselves that we are not the exceptions. Being practical is always a better option until it comes to ourselves. Its the only condition when heart defeats brain of our so called practical youths, and that's when you loose. Barehanded and open mouthed that is what describe the situation when you actually realize what just happened to your life.
Always listen to your brains that's the best advice I can give to all those searching for a support desperately. Nobody but you parents or you yourself can struggle with your mishap; either crying it out or any other way you like it to but never ever submit yourself. After all nobody is your servant (not even servants bear it nowadays!) to bear your loads of problems onto his shoulders. Just believe your God, your parents( I repeat) and your brains. These are your full time assets and you can do whatever you want to with them; cry, shout, fight or just have faith.
A poem copied from a blog but really touching...

I am alone,
so very alone

I hurt,
so very bad

I am ignored,
just thrown aside

I am security,
for others to have

I am lonely,
there is no one close,
no one sees the pain

I cry,
hope is gone

I am alone,
and no one knows