Saturday, October 17, 2009

Archie weds Betty

Recent updates for the Archie fans. He decides to propose Betty, ditching the hot babe Veronica. Truly speaking even I wanted Archie to marry Betty; the homely and innocent Jane. Being a girl I found myself close to that character. may be because I was not that hot or may be being not that rich or may be because every Indian girl is raised with the teachings like that of Betty. That was my reasons for wanting Archie to marry Betty but I think even every boy wanted the same, no one wanted him to marry the hot girl. Why is this dual mentality; date the hot one and marry the innocent one.
I have full sympathy with both the girls. When dating comes always the Veronica type are chosen as they don't bore the boys with any issues like money or home or anything. They are just the chillax one's. Just go and have fun. They are not to be bothered. Get them and forget them is the real mantra that works on both the sides. But when it comes to marriage boys think the girl should be attentive, caring, concerned on all the issues so that they don't have to worry about anything, not for family atleast. Thinking on it boys have all the benefits any ways. They are the one's who are carefree hamesha! Why can't a hot one be a good wife? Why can't a boy take her as his wife and pamper her the same way as he does before?
Why always a girl has to change herself according to demands of the boys for becoming a good girl friend and a good wife? Even a boy should try to adjust and mold himself accordingly. But I guess it has always been a male chauvinist society always and will never change the way it adopted some 1000 years ago.
Anyways congratulations Betty and my full sympathy for the other girl. Hope she'll get some one nicer if she could change herself a little bit.