Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hurray! Atleast its not the worst place to live in

According to HDR (Human Development Report) 2009 among 182 countries India ranks 134th best country to live in.with Niger being the worst and Norway being the best. Its a great relief. We can now imagine what these other below Indian level countries would be facing. Although conditions here are also not too good. Newspapers are flooded with daily mishaps. Our attitude is needs to be changed. It should be a more liberal, caring and broad minded.Until and unless we can respect our citizens, respect them, then what development we can expect.
Recently PT Usha was denied a decent demeanor from the organizing authorities of National Athlete meet. If we cant respect and treat our existing athletes well how can we expect to breed up the new ones. Is this the land where cricket is a religion for people. We can spend crores and crores for a single and for other we don't even have a penny. This is no attitude. Then why do we cry over our incompetency in Olympics when we deliver our gratitude in such an unrespectful way.
Other incident of an AI air hostess, who was allegedly molested midair. No place is safe; neither on land, inside water and nor in air. We boast of women empowerment but this incident doesn't reflect the one. We don't expect a 24X7 safety but at least a good judiciary system which can hear the appeals, the injustice going around.
If want our country to grow people have to develop there minds first. Adopt some corporate behavior and a decent respect for the society and the people living in it. Not to suppress the minority but to let it flourish. We have to leave our male chauvinism behind. Then only we can dream of changes otherwise India is and will remain 134th.