Friday, October 9, 2009

The good old college days

Just like Purani jeans and guitar, were the good old carefree college days, hostel life. The best period of everyone's life is there when we just purchased our own piece of sky, learned to fly with sometimes injured wings and sometimes holding hands with our fleet members. Ah! Those days can never be forgotten. 
Late night gossips, birthday bumps, water parties with everybody drenched and rooms flooded with water. Enthusiastic just like a monkey let loose from the cage, a little frightened but full of youthfulness. This life teaches a lot not only to love and make friendship but also to survive and create your stand in an unknown newly created world. Away from parents protective laps, we begin to know ourselves for the first time, estimate our potentials, create our own identity, bring creativity, support ourselves and the friends in times of need. Search and offer shoulders in times of depressions. Huge parties and 9-12 movie shows at times of happiness. Search for protection in our seniors. What not? These four years of life are just priceless and make my life worth living. 
Now when everything get over you still have those friends you made for life; loving you and encouraging to struggle in this unworthy of living corporate world. Where there are no one to give you a  cozy hug, no one to take care when you are ill and no one to pat you when you miss you mommy. 
If only I could get Alladin's chirag I will wish to live those four years again with all my loved one's back there.